BE GOOD not bitter coffee in bag

BE GOOD not bitter COFFEE began when five people with a passion to develop the BEST. COFFEE. EVER. joined together to share with the world their insanely good blend of consistently delicious coffee. Taste-tested for decades, the result is the smoothest, richest, and full bodied tasting coffee available in the market today. Each BE GOOD not bitter bag or single serve box contains a blend of the highest quality, hand selected coffee beans available in the world today. The BE GOOD not bitter coffee blend is air-roasted to absolute perfection and shipped to you FREE within 48 hours of when your order is received. Time is essential in delivering the BEST. COFFEE. EVER!

Go ahead. Relax, reflect, and enjoy your daily ritual of drinking really good coffee made by people who believe in doing and being good. Our wish is that every cup of our smooth and rich BE GOOD not bitter COFFEE rewards you with remarkable moments. Finding the good in others, helping those around us, and offering a hand to those in need are a part of who we are. 

Every step in the development of the BE GOOD not bitter brand was important to us because it's our belief that a brand isn’t just how great it looks, but more importantly how well it makes you feel. From the minimalistic and whimsical design, to the culture we believe will make a difference, we know it's the heart of a great brand that builds an enduring legacy.  


Everyone knows all coffees are not the same. Yet few understand that the way in which coffee is roasted is not the same either.   

The number one reason coffee bitters in a cup is because of defects caused during the roasting process. Either too much heat, not enough heat, flawed metallurgy in the drum, or inconsistent development of the bean will all contribute to chipped, scorched, baked, and broken coffee beans. Defects in the coffee equal bitterness and it only takes a little bitterness to spoil the whole cup.

BE GOOD not bitter COFFEE equals technological perfection in its roasting processes. This comes at great expense and required decades of experience on many levels but is the reason we can confidently say we have the BEST. COFFEE. EVER. A bold statement that stands on decades of experience and truth. 

Taste is everything. We look forward to you becoming a believer in our brand. 


BE GOOD not bitter, always.

Our guiding principles are simple:

GOOD is: Of high quality: excellent. Excellence of merit; kindness; agreeable; pleasant. Of favorable character or tendency. Virtuous, right and commendable, benevolent and praiseworthy. Conforms to the moral order of the universe.

BITTER is: Distasteful or distressing to the mind. Exhibiting intense animosity. Marked by cynicism and rancor. Intensely unpleasant. Hard to bear; grievous.

We choose GOOD…always.

BE GOOD not bitter COFFEE is more than the BEST. COFFEE. EVER,  it's a coffee brand with heart. We understand that feeling good, being good, and doing good is a desire of many. In fact, we believe it's a cultural initiative. A BE GOOD initiative. A life-long journey where individuals choose to be part of changing their personal lives to think of doing good for others. Where people, just like us, make the choice to positively impact the world one cup of coffee, one smile, one handshake, one hug, one act of patience, one good word, one good deed, one sincere apology, one affirmation at a time.

You’re invited to be part of our BE GOOD initiative by simply finding good around you, focusing on good in your home, your community, your workplace, or wherever you live, work, or play. Be part of making a difference by sharing your good stories on social media with us! Let’s overflow social media with great works, actions, and endeavors of people doing good. BE GOOD not bitter…always!

GOOD is sustainable. Bitter is unacceptable.