Barn Sanctuary

Barn Sanctuary

“A Safe Haven for Abused and Neglected Farm Animals”

The Barn Sanctuary has a thing for farmed animals. The thing is, they are passionate about changing the experiences of exploited animals raised on factory farms for the sole purpose of human consumption. Farmed animals (with an “ed” at the end) are not the same as farm animals who live more peaceful and cooperative lives with their land owners. So the Barn Sanctuary is dealing with one neglected, mistreated or abused animal at a time.  Really good people are watching over God’s creation.

You might call the Barn Sanctuary a rescue operation, except that this organization also houses and rehabilitates the animals it saves from cruelty. Oh, and they name each animal too, and write their stories so that sponsors can help them recover and thrive. Take Ben the turkey for example, or Blossom the donkey, or Winona the goat. You’ll find them living their best lives at the Barn Sanctuary, along with 100-plus other animal ambassadors lucky enough to call the Barn Sanctuary their safe haven.

Who else can say they have a 7-acre Pig Palace? And what other non-profit founder would take a road trip with a cow named Mike to save the animal’s eyesight? That would be Dan McKernan, who has also created The Kitchen Companion, which is a personalized guide to enjoying a plant-based lifestyle. Oh and by the way… enjoy the Barn Sanctuary series, “Save by the Barn” that recently aired on Animal Planet. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with the entire crew, animals and people!

Barn Sanctuary Show to Air on Animal Planet

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Barn Sanctuary
Address: 20179 McKernan Dr., Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: 734.746.5009